Monday, March 28, 2011

so close yet so far away!

five more weeks of classes, one week of finals and then summer is finally here!!! it just feels like these are going to be the longest five weeks of my life!!! haha.. no but seriously.. all my classes are getting harder and more time consuming, but at least I know that we are getting closer and that it will all be over soon..

So this weekend has been really hard on the Angola community. Four high school students from Angola high school were killed in a car accident on their way back from spring break and I just wanted to take a minute to remember them and think about their families and friends who are suffering this loss.

with that being said, there isn't a whole lot going on in my life at Trine right now.. besides studying my life away.. getting ready for Take Back The Night in two weeks is basically it.. I love that event, because it's a great way to raise awareness, and also a time where all students who participate take time for this great cause and just hang out together.. and lately I haven't gotten a lot of that, so hopefully that will be a nice night.. and hopefully it won't rain like last year!!

so this is about it for now.. I'm hoping to have some great and exciting news next week

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