Monday, December 27, 2010

it's been a long time.. sorry..

So yeah this is my bad.. I've been taking a forced break from the internet this past week.. meaning my internet didn't work lol.. well first of all I have to say that my blogs got canceled again so that is not my fault.. apperently technology hates me as much as I hate it. oh well I think I already knew that.
So this semester is finally over!!! My finals all sucked!! No just kidding.. well the organic chemistry did suck but I can't do everything perfect right? So yeah that's finally done with.. and then I finally came back home to Italy.. the flight wasn't even that bad.. a little delay from Detroit to Amsterdam, and then the flight to Munich (Germany) was late, but my parents were there waiting for me, and I had called them telling them I would be late, so that was not a problem. It was awesome though, because when I was in Amsterdam, they announced that a lot of airports in Europe got shot down because of the huge snowstorms everywhere, but I didn't have any problems..
Home is perfect!! it just feels right being here.. and the food is absolutely amazing!! I ate so stinkin' much that I think I gained the freshmen 30 (in my junior year) in one night.. My family celebrates Chrismas on Christmas Eve with my grandmas, my aunt and her family, and my other onkle.. we ate like there was no tomorrow.. and we were sooooo full that we didn't even eat dessert cause we were so stuffed..
I still don't know what I'm going to do for new year's eve because there has been a little misunderstanding with my friends cause we didn't know who all was going to be here.. but I'll keep you posted on my awesome Christmas break here in Italy!!!
Baci a tutti!!

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